Bitcoin Price Volatility Swings Wildly in Last 24 Hours

• FTX confirms plans to restart its Japanese exchange, takes control of $4M worth of NFTs.
• Meta says 40% of Instagram content is AI-recommended and retains Metaverse focus.
• Snapchat integrates an AI chatbot that users must pay to turn off, while Circle introduces a cross-chain USDC protocol.

FTX Resumes Exchange in Japan

FTX has confirmed plans to resume its Japanese exchange operations after taking control of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) worth over $4 million. These tokens are digital assets with unique characteristics that make them non-interchangeable.

Meta Retains Focus on Metaverse

Meta has announced that 40% of all content shared on Instagram is now recommended by their AI technology. They are continuing to stay focused on bringing the Metaverse vision alive and are looking for further developments in this field.

Snapchat Integrates AI Chatbot

Snapchat has integrated an AI chatbot into its platform which requires users to pay if they want to switch it off. This move will help them increase revenue from their platform and also provide better customer service experience for its users.

Circle Introduces Cross-Chain USDC Protocol

Circle has introduced a new protocol called the cross-chain USDC which enables customers to transfer funds between different blockchains quickly and securely without having to go through any centralized intermediary services or platforms. This will be beneficial for businesses who need to transfer large amounts of money across multiple chains quickly and easily without any restrictions or complications involved in the process.

wMarket Update: Market Volatility Swings Bitcoin Price Wildly in Last 24 Hours

The cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows of $10 billion and currently stands at $1.20 trillion — down 0.96% from $1.21 trillion during the last 24 hours with Bitcoin’s market cap rising 0.43 % to $563.18 billion meanwhile Ethereum’s market cap fell 1