Crypto Blamed Unfairly for Bank’s Liquidity Crisis, NY Regulator Says

Trezor Confirms Refusal of Coinjoin UTXOs

Trezor has confirmed that it is refusing to process Coinjoin UTXOs in order to protect the privacy of its users. This follows a Dutch court’s decision to release Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev under surveillance.

EU’s MiCA Regulatory Framework Passes Final Parliamentary Voting

The European Union’s MiCA crypto regulatory framework passed its final parliamentary voting recently, offering more clarity on the future of digital assets within Europe.

Safemoon Hacker Returns Over $7M

A hacker responsible for stealing $7 million worth of Safemoon tokens recently returned the funds back to their rightful owners. This comes as some have blamed cryptocurrency for causing a liquidity crisis at Signature Bank.

Dutch Court Releases Alexey Pertsev Under Surveillance

A Dutch court recently approved a request from Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev to be released under surveillance during his third pro forma hearing on April 20th. He will be released on April 26 with an ankle monitor and will be able to attend his hearings from home.

Crypto Blamed Unfairly for Signature Bank’s Liquidity Crisis

New York regulators have stated that cryptocurrency is being unfairly blamed for causing Signature Bank’s liquidity crisis, as there are other systemic risks present in the banking system which could also contribute to this issue.