UK Yields Skyrocket, Triggering Pension Crisis Echoes


• Last year’s UK pension crisis echoed in the rise of UK yields, causing a potential threat to pension funds.
• The US Treasury yields can follow suit, affecting interest rates in the US.
• Bitcoin tumbled below $26K, causing a $120M liquidation storm and an unknown pool mined 13% of BTC blocks.

UK Yields Skyrocket

Last October, U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss introduced a “mini-budget” that triggered a pension fund crisis. The mini-budget episode sent shock waves around the UK markets and the GBP to 1.11 against USD. In the wake of new inflation numbers yesterday, U.K. government yields have soared even higher, nearing October’s peak levels across the entire curve, reminiscent of last year’s fiasco. This development is significant not only for the UK market but also for global markets as it could have an effect on interest rates in the United States if U.S Treasury yields follow suit.

Long-Term Holders‘ Bias Ratio

The long-term holders‘ bias ratio hints at Bitcoin’s potential return to bull market as it indicates that investors are holding onto their Bitcoin despite dips in price instead of selling off quickly when prices dip temporarily or during times of turbulence in traditional financial markets which can lead to more stability for digital assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over time as more people buy and hold them for longer time periods rather than short term speculation based on market movements and news headlines..

Bitcoin Tumbles Below $26K

Bitcoin tumbled below $26K recently, causing a $120M liquidation storm due to margin calls from leveraged traders who were caught off guard by sudden price declines and had to close out their positions quickly leading to further downward pressure on prices as they sold out at lower than expected prices after getting margin called by exchanges or brokers they were trading with..

Mysterious Pool Mines 13% Blocks

An unknown Bitcoin pool has been mining 13% of all BTC blocks over past day leading many experts speculate that this mysterious entity might be owned by either a large institution or a group of miners working together which would explain why they’re able to consistently mine such high percentages over time without any clear signs of slowing down anytime soon .