Uniris: touch the Made In France crypto revolution!

Despite increasingly convoluted government decisions, French crypto projects are resisting and are constantly innovating. Today, Uniris is in the spotlight in our columns . To e conform to the wishes of a population aware of the risks related to leakage of personal information, the company is setting up a fingerprint recognition system of a new kind. It invites you to stay informed of its developments via regular and informative publications .

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A project with solid fundamentals

Few of the projects can have such prestigious partners as HEC, the University of Paris Saclay and Station F. After being selected as a privileged partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games , the solution proposed by Bitcoin Lifestyle is being emulated. This promises to become a key player in digital recognition.

Simple-looking projects often require advanced technical skills. The promise of Uniris is to protect the identity of individuals, and this thanks to their fingerprints . This solution will cut short the traditional passwords, thanks to an ultra secure and tamper-proof technology .

Technology and ideals

The experiments are numerous, and a full-scale test will be made possible thanks to the partnership with the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. The growing activity taking place in the Uniris ecosystem is regularly reported in a newsletter , which will allow you to to follow in preview, the developments of a future flagship project of the French blockchain .


In order to attract a community of users worthy of the name, the Uniris protocol is based on its watchword: Simplicity . Indeed, smart contracts deployable on the platform have been designed to be within everyone’s reach. The aim of this accessibility is to achieve a considerable network effect, which will make Uniris technology a solution used by as many people as possible.

If the control of your identity and the vision of a more just society that respects individuals are your leitmotif, it goes without saying that the news from Uniris will serve as a breath of fresh air. As a Franco-French project, you will be able to interact with a community that listens and shares shared ideals.