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What does Reddit’s new crypto have to do with Fortnite?

Reddit will introduce two new crypts in their „Community Points“ program and Fortnite users are more excited. How does Reddit’s new crypt relate to Fortnite players?

Reddit’s Bricks and Moons for Everyone
Reddit’s popular social network recently announced that it has begun testing two types of „Community Points“: Bricks and Moons, both built on Ethereum technology.

This project is created with the aim of encouraging the creation of content, and new topics from the most active and participatory users of the platform.
As a test phase this crypts or „Community Points“ have been launched in two Sub Reddit, the first aimed at users of crypto currencies and the other aimed at users of Fortnite.
It is important to note that Reddit’s ETH-based reward system runs on Rinkeby’s TestNet, and already has over 11,000 addresses created in the few days it has.

Which of the two Reddit communities do you think has the most addresses so far, the one for cryptomonies, or the one for Fortnite?

Reddit joins Ethereum to encourage publications

The relationship with Fortnite
As we said, Reddit launched Moons to the Reddit Sub-Reddit of cryptocurrency. And the Bricks to the Fortnite Sub Reddit (r/FortniteBR).

But, contrary to what we may think, most of these 11,000 addresses were not created by the cryptocurrency community until now. In fact, they were mostly created by Fortnite users on Reddit.

According to, there are 9,091 addresses created for Bricks points (Fortnite), while there are only 2,166 for Moon points (Krypton currencies).

In short this means that Sub Reddit users have been more active with one of the two new cryptomon currencies. For 80% of the addresses created are theirs.

Reddit experiments with an Ethereum-based reward system

What could be the reason for this?
One of the reasons may be the number of users each Reddit sub has, for example the one focused on crypto has 1 million users. Meanwhile, the Fortnite community on Reddit has 1.3 million.

Another situation is that, many of the Bitcoin Code, Crypto Cash, The News Spy, Crypto Trader, Bitcoin Loophole users are closed when supporting new crypts. Because of bad experiences they have had in previous years, or because they are loyal crypto hodls they support.

On the other hand, some have expressed concern that these two new crypts from Reddit, may trigger problems in the Ethereum Blockchain. These were already experienced in the past with the CryptoKitties application.